'Dragon Ball': Could Piccolo Keep Universe 6 From Being Erased?

Dragon Ball Super is moving into the latter-half of the Tournament of Power, and its stakes have [...]

Dragon Ball Super is moving into the latter-half of the Tournament of Power, and its stakes have never been higher. With two teams on the brink of elimination, a few million lives may be wiped out if Universes 2 and 6 get erased by Zen-Oh. However, there is a new theory out which thinks Piccolo could save Champa's team.

If you are all caught up with Dragon Ball Super, then you know the anime has been pro-fusion as of late. The tournament made it clear that Potara fusions were allowed after Kale and Caulifla merged, but fans have convinced themselves Piccolo will be the next to dabble with the technique.

After all, the Namekian isn't the only one of his race out in the tournament. Universe 6 brought its own Namekian warriors with Saoneru and Pirina - and the pair are the only ones left fighting for Universe 6. When Dragon Ball Super returns this weekend, it will see Universe 7 have a final showdown with the duo, and it looks like the duo will be defeated. However, there is a chance Universe 6 could still live.

When the Omni-Kings confirmed Potara fusions were allow, each fighter was still recognized as tournament member. The angels did confirm Kefla's elimination would spell the end of Kale and Caulifla, but both were considered active members despite their fusion. If Universe 6 finds itself with no other option, its Namekians may just fuse with Piccolo to protect themselves.

Of course, the Namekian Fusion would be an extreme resort; As far as fans know, the fusion is a permanent one, so the Universe 6 fighters would have to give up their autonomy to save their home. There's no telling if Saoneru and Pirina would go so far for Universe 6, but a fusion with Piccolo may stave off Zen-Oh from obliterating Champa's domain. That is, until Piccolo himself gets ringed-out. Once that happens, there will be nothing left to protect Universe 6 from being erased.

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