This 'Dragon Ball Super' Chart Breaks Down the Tournament of Power's Biggest Stars

Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power has been the biggest event in the series history - quite literally, as the Tournament of Power brought together more new characters, worlds, and battles than any other story arc of Super, GT, or Z. With so many teams and fighters involved in the Tournament of Power, it was hard for the DBS showrunners to balance how much time each character got to spend on screen --and one fan has done the work of compiling all of the data into a helpful chart:

Dragon Ball Super Characters Screen Time Tournament of Power

(Click HERE for Hi-Res Version)

There very little surprise in the fact that the Universe 7 team members occupied the most screen time - after all, they are our protagonists in the Tournament of Power arc. What's a little more surprising is just how much more screen time Goku gets than his teammates, or that second-tier characters like Gohan or Universe 6 Saiyan Caulifla have gotten more screen time than Vegeta (part of the reason Vegeta fans are so mad right now).

Rounding things out, we see that Jiren has, by far, been the biggest "antagonist" in the Tournament of Power, while Androids 17 & 18 got a nice bit of time to shine. Freeza has been pretty low-key in all this, but so have characters like Toppo and Dyspo, who we know are about to steal the limelight in a big way. Could Freeza have a big moment coming as well?

Creating long, flowing tail of the chart are the many warriors whose names you surely forgotten by now, as they never lasted that long in the tournament.


Have you been enjoying Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power arc? Any character you wish got more of the spotlight?

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