Dragon Ball Super Art Imagines Ultra Instinct Goku's God of Destruction Mode

If there is one thing fans of Dragon Ball are vocal about, it is their hopes for Goku. The hero has been through a lot since the franchise went live, and he's undergone battle after battle. All of this time, Goku just wanted to become the strongest, but he has yet to hit that point. But thanks to one artist, it seems Goku got a taste of greatness.

Taking to Reddit, a fan drew attention to a post they made for Goku. The artist ashkage did a drawing of Ultra Instinct Goku but with a twist. This time, the Saiyan has become a God of Destruction which would make Beerus do a double take.

As you can see below, Ultra Instinct Goku looks the same as always. His hair is a bright white-silver that passes on to his eyes. The color is enhanced thanks to Goku's glowing aura, and he is as buff as ever.

Goku ultra instinct hakaishin fanart by me. Based on Toriyama sensei and toyotarou's designs. This my first time I'm sharing anything on Reddit ^_^ from r/dbz

Thanks to his new title, Goku does rock a different outfit in this fan art. The hero trades in his usual orange Gi for something a bit more ancient. Riffing off of Beerus' outfit, Goku has a slew of jewelry one as well as a drape. The rest of the outfit is made with loose orange pants held up by an ornate belt.

For a long time, Dragon Ball fans have wondered if Goku's next step in life was to become a God of Destruction. The title is one which Goku could get given his power, and his ability to use Ultra Instinct qualifies him. However, there are other fans who believe Vegeta is best suited for the role. In the end, the person who will decide where Goku goes next is series creator Akira Toriyama, but this art gives fans a solid idea of where the Saiyan could go.


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