Did 'Dragon Ball Super' Confirm the Name of Goku's New UI Form?

Dragon Ball Super has finally reached the climatic point of the Tournament of Power, and as expected, all other distractions and/or competitors have now been cleared away, so that Goku and Jiren can have their final battle! For Goku to finally beat Jiren, the Saiyan warrior will finally master the godly "Ultra Instinct" state, unlocking a new form in the process. Now, some reports from our usual Dragon Ball Super leak sources may clarify the finer points of canon terminology regarding Ultra Instinct:

While the callback to the stages of Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation is spot-on, it's important to note that this breakdown of the Ultra Instinct name is not yet official.

Everything about this final form of Ultra Instinct has been in flux, as of late. Promotional images for Dragon Ball Super revealed one concept of Mastered Ultra Instinct, and then the official reveals from the anime depicted something much different. When the power first appeared in episodes 109 - 110 all those months ago, there was a long debate about what it was even called, before we got the official name drop. That's all to say: everything is speculation until its officially official.

If you haven't seen the latest Dragon Ball Super preview of Goku and Jiren's final fight, check it out above. The animators are having to create a whole new visual language around this new level of power, with more possible detail reveals to come.


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