‘Dragon Ball Super’ Confirms The Size Of Universe 7

When it comes to Universe 7, the poor realm has been through a lot. Goku’s home has undergone more than a few genocides, but fans did not think Universe 7 had been whittled as much as it has. After all, Shin did confirm how big the universe is in Dragon Ball Super, and it isn’t that big.

In the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, illustrator Toyotaro revealed the surprising size of Universe 7. After being informed about the Tournament of Power’s rules, the higher-ups of Goku’s realm confirmed there are only 28 planets left in the universe with life on it.

According to Dragon Ball Super, the universe did have a lot more habitable planets originally. Races like the Tuffles, Arlians, and more used to thrive in Universe 7, but they did not make it past one of the realm’s many genocides. Freeza, Majin Buu, and the Saiyan race did one hell of a job eradicating life. The Saiyans were raised to destroy their neighbors, Freeza was fine with culling races to clear a planet for sell, and Majin Buu...

Well, Majin Buu was just a big fans of killing things. The villain managed to wipe out humanity, and it was only thanks to Shenron that the Earth got its people back.

Fans of Dragon Ball are a bit stunned to hear how small Universe 7 is. After all, real-world science puts the franchise’s 28 planets to shame. If the science works out, there are well over a billion planets in our observable universe. Even if Dragon Ball split that up, each of the twelve universes would have lots of planets. However, Toriyama is not a scientist; He isn’t bound by actual space and time, so he can do whatever he wants.


Still, there are fans hoping Universe 7 will get upgraded with more life. There is a theory going around that the Tournament of Power will end with Universe 7 folding all of the annihilated universes into it, so that would certainly up its mortal count.

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