‘Dragon Ball Super’ Brings In A Major ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Character

Dragon Ball Super’s anime is very busy these days, but you may want to turn your attention to [...]

Dragon Ball Super's anime is very busy these days, but you may want to turn your attention to its manga. The series' 31st chapter will go live soon, but leaks of the release are out now. So, if you hear someone talking about a Dragon Ball Z return, it is probably true. After all, the manga did just bring Uub back.

Dragon Ball Super's next release will follow Goku as the fighter rounds up his Tournament of Power team. Goku will recruit the likes of Krillin, Android 18, and more - but fans were stunned when Uub made a surprise appearance in the manga.

As you can see above, scans of the manga confirm that Uub appears briefly in the chapter. Goku and Dende see the boy when they fly over his village. Uub is shown wearing traditional clothes as he carries supplies on his back. When Goku notices the boy, he stops so the two can glance at one another, and Dende decides to make a comment.

According to fan translators, Dende tells Goku he will be expected to train Uub in the future. The god says it will be Goku's responsibility to show Uub how to use his power for good. However, the Saiyan does not think he is the right man for the job.

"What," Goku balks. "I am not good enough to teach anyone!"

This is not the first time Goku has heard of Uub in Dragon Ball Super, but this marks the boy's first actual appearance. Goku mentioned Uub back in the 'Universe 6' saga when he said the boy was not old enough to partake in the event. The same happened again for the Tournament of Power, but fans know Uub will get the training he needs one day. After all, Dragon Ball Z ended with the boy going up against Goku and flexing his power.

Uub took part in the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, and Goku offers to train the boy after they spar. The pair fly off to train for five years, and Dragon Ball GT picks up when Goku's training comes to an end.

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