Dragon Ball Super Ends Moro Arc with a Massive Celebration

The Moro Arc has come to an end in the manga for Dragon Ball Super, with fans waiting to see how [...]

The Moro Arc has come to an end in the manga for Dragon Ball Super, with fans waiting to see how the next storyline, "Granola The Survivor Arc", will play out but the Z Fighters are taking a moment to celebrate the defeat of the wicked sorcerer by gathering together and downing copious amounts of food! As Goku managed to defeat Moro using the energy of both his friends and the population of the Earth, the Saiyan has definitely earned a quick breather following achieving the monumental task of mastering the transformation of Ultra Instinct!

This year's Jump Festa was disappointing to a number of fans thanks in part to not announcing that Dragon Ball Super would be returning to the world of anime, but it had plenty of announcements when it came to the manga. The next arc for the printed edition of Akira Toriyama's franchise might be acting as something of a "stop-gap", spinning directly out of the events of the Moro Arc by focusing on the return of OG0731. With a new character named Granola who is seeking this artificial human, it will be interesting to see how this new warrior comes into contact with Goku and the other warriors of the Earth.

Dragon Ball Super Celebration
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Following the defeat of the latest villain, Goku and his fellow fighters showed just what they are best at, chowing down and enjoying the quiet times of their lives. With Mr. Satan, aka Hercule, offering the Z Fighters the opportunity to chill out, which actually led to more celebrations. The Galactic Patrol even took the opportunity to honor Goku, Vegeta, Majin Buu, Jaco, and shockingly, a resurrected Merus, who had been brought back to life without his angelic powers in tow.

With Merus giving his life to help the Z Fighters defeat Moro, he has been given a brand new life as a mortal, continuing his career as a "space cop" and being honored appropriately thanks in part to his sacrifice. This final chapter of the Moro Arc did a great job of showing how the Z Fighters can kick back and enjoy one another's company, while also sowing the seeds for some big events to come in the next arc of the popular Shonen series!

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