'Dragon Ball Super' Just Had Vegeta Use Another Fan-Favorite Finisher

Warning! Spoilers for Episode 119 of Dragon Ball Super below!

Universe 4 may have been the most recent erasure in the Tournament of Power, but one member of Universe 3 left a huge impression on fans thanks to his elimination.

Vegeta, still carrying the rage from Universe 6's erasure, eliminates the Kamen Rider hero Katopesla with a finishing move not seen in a long time.

The Tournament of Power has been full of awesome callbacks for Dragon Ball Z fans, and that includes one of Vegeta's most famous finishers, the Final Flash. Last seen during the "Universe 6" arc against the metal man Magetta, it just was not as effective against Magetta as it was here despite its fantastic build up. Vegeta's Final Flash returns to knock out Katopesla from the tournament and redeems the finisher in fans' eyes.

After trading blows with Katopesla, Vegeta gets even more enraged as Katopesla enters his "ultimate mode." Vegeta attacks him mid-sentence, and after trading more blows, Katopesla launches his final attack, "The Final Mission." Vegeta decides to counter it with his trademarked Final Flash and overwhelms the Universe 3 foe.

After Katopesla gets knocked back, Vegeta yells "See that? That's what a 'final' attack looks like!" Taking pride in a successful landing of his final attack, but Katopesla manages to briefly escape getting knocked out of the ring by Vegeta. Unfortunately for him, however, Universe 4's sneaky plan kicks into action and Katopesla is knocked out by one of its unseen fighters and Vegeta nearly follows suit.


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