Dragon Ball Super Reveals Goku's Reaction to Vegeta's Insane New Power

Vegeta has finally arrived to save Goku in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, and Goku [...]

Vegeta has finally arrived to save Goku in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, and Goku shared quite an intriguing reaction as Vegeta began showing off his wild new power in the fight against Moro. Vegeta has been training on Planet Yardrat after being inspired to find a new way to face off against Moro's energy devouring skills and magic, and as he began fighting in Chapter 61 Goku started to slowly realize how much Vegeta has improved. It's this slow realization of Vegeta's true improvements that really takes us by surprise.

As Vegeta continued to fight against Moro and seemingly do much better than he was able to do with Ultra Instinct Sign, Goku went from surprise, to acceptance, and to finally what seems like a bit of jealousy as it begins to sink in that Vegeta was better able to handle and master the Yardrat training than he once was.

Vegeta nails Moro with a ton of attacks and Goku begins to realize that Vegeta seems to be getting stronger with every hit, but it's not exactly true as Moro is in fact getting weaker. Goku recognizes this as Forced Spirit Fission, which is notably a move he's heard about but not seen in action before. He even admits that it was a move that he was unable to learn, and this officially allowed Vegeta to finally surpass Goku in some respect.

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Goku even admits to Piccolo that he never saw Vegeta growing as much as he had or getting as strong as he did over their training period. But in this context, it also sounds like a general comment from Goku as well as he reflects on how far the two have come in their time together. This only inspires Goku even more as he not only completely concedes that Vegeta has gotten the better of him this time, but vows to surpass him again someday.

Goku might not have changed much throughout the Dragon Ball franchise as a whole, but this fight is a great example to show that Goku's finally realizing it for himself. While Goku has been mainly focused on his own journey to strength, Vegeta has been carrying a much heavier burden on his shoulders. This made him work even harder than Goku throughout the years, and now it's beginning to bear fruit.

What did you think of this eye opening moment for Goku in the latest Dragon Ball Super chapter? Does this mean Goku will begin to see Vegeta as more of an equal from now on? What does that mean for his perspective on their rivalry through Super so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!