So, What Is Vegeta's New Transformation Exactly?

Dragon Ball Super has done it again. Goku got a brand-new form last October when Ultra Instinct [...]

Dragon Ball Super has done it again. Goku got a brand-new form last October when Ultra Instinct reared its head, and Vegeta just got a treat of his own. The anime's latest episode saw Vegeta reveal a new transformation, but there is just one problem.

Well, fans don't really know what the power-up is.

When Dragon Ball Super shared its 123rd episode, fans saw Vegeta make a comeback after Jiren pulverized him in their fight. The hero stood up from being KO'd and reiterated his desire to keep a promise he made to Cabba. Digging deep, Vegeta then powered into a version of Super Saiyan Blue which has not been shown before.

The new transformation gives Vegeta the form's usual blue coloring, but there are some notable differences. For one, Vegeta has an altered aura with various shades of blue mixed in and it sparkles - a lot. The fighter's hair is given a darker shading, and Vegeta has more silver-blue eyes than plain, old aqua.

Fans didn't get to see much of the power-up in combat, but the anime did share one hint about the form. The Grand Priest gave a bit of commentary and said Vegeta appears to have surpassed a limit much like Goku did for Ultra Instinct. The Saiyan collected enough power in his body to break through to a new SSB form - and that's it. Nothing else was really said about the form, but fans have a hunch about the power-up and its usage.

With Vegeta using his new form, the fighter seems to be on par with Goku when he uses SSB plus Kaio-Ken. The former was never able to use Kaio-Ken since he did not study under King Kai, but it looks like Vegeta has found a technique of his own to match the add-on.

Of course, there are others hoping the power-up may be a Completed SSB or even a precursor to Ultra Instinct. While the form could help the hero unlock Ultra Instinct one day, it is not that on its own. As for the Completed SSB, manga fans are hesitant to jump on-board with the theory because of Vegeta's new aura. In the manga, the whole point of the upgraded SSB form was its lack of visible ki, and this new transformation has it in spades.

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