Dragon Ball Super Shares Vegeta's True Thoughts on Power Levels

Dragon Ball Super's current arc has gone deep into Vegeta's character, during a pivotal battle with the series' new warrior, Granolah. Granolah's Dragon Ball wish has made him the strongest warrior in the universe - a challenge that Vegeta was happy to meet. In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74, Vegeta and Granolah go at it in one of the series' most explosive battles - one which pushes Vegeta all the way through his most powerful techniques and forces him to break all limits and achieve an entirely new god-level form. Along that rapid cycle of powering-up, Vegeta shares a few thoughts with Granolah about what power levels really mean to Dragon Ball...

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 SPOILERS Follow!

Granolah approaches his fight with Vegeta as a straight vengeful brawl of pure savage power exhibition; however, for Vegeta the dance of battle is much more of a clinic, and he is the instructor. Vegeta uses his new array of techniques and energy control to demonstrate to Granolah how experience and strategy can actually best raw power in battle. Even so, it's a hard class to teach, as Granolah's power indeed lets him best just about anything Vegeta can try to throw at him.

While they are dueling, Vegeta is also playing head games with Granolah, slowly but surely chipping away at the Cerealian's confidence in his Dragon Ball wish to be the strongest warrior in the universe. Vegeta first imparts the gem that he knows Granolah took a shortcut to great power, based on the sloppy way he uses it. The second thing that Vegeta informs Granolah about is the fact that power levels and rankings are all relative:

"Here's another tidbit," Vegeta tells Granolah. "Strongest? Second strongest? Rankings are well and good... but they only reflect a moment in time. Once that moment has passed by, it's nothing but history. Take me for instance. I'm already stronger than I was a few minutes ago. I've grown more and more powerful throughout this dance of ours."

Dragon Ball Super Reveals Vegetas True Thoughts On Power Levels

This quote from Vegeta perfectly reflects the Saiyan Prince's core character and mentality. Ever since Goku bested him in battle during Dragon Ball Z's first arc, Vegeta has been chasing Kakarot's coattails in terms of power-ups and transformations. That said, Vegeta has always achieved new transformations with more power and control than Goku first did, as a testament to his dedication to surpass Goku and be the top power in the universe.

Dragon Ball Super has now taken Vegeta out of Goku's shadow, and down his own unique path of power - one that has yet to be fully compared to where Goku is going with Ultra Instinct. Could Vegeta finally get his wish and be the most powerful warrior there is? The next fight with Granolah with Vegeta in his new God of Destruction form will be let us know...


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