Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta's Ultra Ego Will Be Much Better The Second Time

Dragon Ball Super has seen Vegeta unleash his Ultra Ego form once more, but it's very likely that he's going to do much better with it this time around. The Granolah the Survivor is back into the swing of the things in the fight between Goku and Vegeta against Gas, and the two of them have gone back to the full use of their respective Ultra transformations for this new phase of the fight. It's been worrying for them, however, as the previous times they had used these forms did not work out so well against Granolah, let alone potentially against Gas.

When Vegeta had used Ultra Ego the first time around and had debuted it in the fight against Granolah, it was under much different circumstances than it is now. The first time Vegeta had been holding himself back (perhaps even unconsciously) because he figured out the connection between Granolah's past and the Saiyans. But it's not the same with Gas. Not only is he going to come at the Heeter more ferociously than he used the form the first time around, but it's likely that he'll get even stronger thanks to the weight of the Saiyans taken off of his shoulders. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

As Vegeta started to train with Beerus, the first thing he needed to learn in order to use the Hakai technique was the fact that he only needed to think of destruction. The God of Destruction had given Vegeta the key to succeed and give up his guilt over the deeds of his people, and it seems that with that flashback into Bardock's past he's gotten a new lease on that. Vegeta now is no longer held back by his past, nor is he held back with a foe like Gas. That means we're about to see what the true potential of Ultra Ego really is. 

Not to mention that while he might have practiced with the form before, Vegeta didn't really use it in combat until the fight with Granolah. There's a chance that he has a better handle on the form and its limits this time around, and as he continues fighting against Gas as Chapter 84 of the series comes to a close, we're likely going to see a bigger and better version of Vegeta's Ultra Ego form than ever. 

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