Dragon Ball Meets DC Comics with This Goku Makeover

Dragon Ball fans have little need for heroes when there are guys like Goku around. The franchise [...]

Dragon Ball fans have little need for heroes when there are guys like Goku around. The franchise did not set out to make the man a hero years ago, but Goku has become a symbol for so many these days. After more than two decades on air, Goku has become a symbol of strength for Dragon Ball fans, and one artist has brought the Saiyan to a whole new audience thanks to their DC Comics makeover.

Recently, Adamo ZockerMaul got the fandom buzzing when they shared their take on Goku. The artist, who is well known amongst Dragon Ball fans, decided to give Goku a classic superhero makeover. This means Goku went full spandex to fit into the halls of the Justice League, and he pulls the look off well.

So who knows? If Goku ever needs to ditch his Gi for a second, this bodysuit would be a killer option for the franchise to pursue!

Dc Goku by Adamo ZockerMaul from r/dbz

As you can see above, the bodysuit is based heavily on Goku's usual attire given its orange-and-blue palate. The suit has a high neck similar to one you would see in a traditional martial arts uniform. The rest of thee suit features various paneling which highlights Goku's muscles, and that is just the start.

The center of his uniform features the yin-yang symbol rather than the usual crest on his uniform. Finally, the DC Comics outfit comes together with a dark blue sash that harkens back to the belt Goku most often wears.

This classic makeover shows Goku's potential as a Western superhero, but fans admit his usual style is more than good enough. A reimagining like this gives netizens an idea of what could have been, and it could still be in some ways. Comic book readers have also wondered what would happen if Superman and Goku were to team up against a baddie, but we'd be fine if Goku met the Kryptonian with his normal gear tied on tight.

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