Dragon Ball Z Fan Heads Out in Impressive Nappa Cosplay

The Dragon Ball franchise has had tons of powerful foes introduced over the years, and they have [...]

The Dragon Ball franchise has had tons of powerful foes introduced over the years, and they have gotten only stronger as Goku's story continues. But it's hard to beat the impact left by the original trio of Saiyan foes, Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta. Nappa has become such a strong icon with fans over the course of the series, and he's gone on to have a whole new life beyond his short stint in the franchise. It's nowhere near compared to the popularity of his compatriot Vegeta, but Nappa's managed to stick around and even can be a fun option for cosplay.

Artist @kaiokencosplay (who you can find on Instagram here) proves just how fun of a cosplay tribute Nappa could be with their take on the famous bald Saiyan. Complete with Saiyan armor (and bald cap), you can check out the awesome Nappa cosplay below:

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It's always impressive to see when cosplay artists craft their own takes on Dragon Ball's famous Saiyan armor, and Nappa's is a great choice for it. With a black and brown color scheme, Nappa posed an overbearing presence for Earth's fighters upon his debut and was one of the strongest villains in the series. He's taken on new life outside of the franchise for sure as the fans have embraced him in pretty hilarious ways.

Although Nappa never quite returned to the franchise much like other famous foes in the series, except with a brief hair-raising cameo in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, he's been at the center of famous internet jokes like the "over 9000" bit and even some famous lines from the Dragon Ball Z Abridged fan series. He's gone from foe who was quickly killed by Vegeta at the very beginning of the series to fan-favorite villain because of it! Now he's come to life in another way with this awesome cosplay!

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