Dragon Ball Z Fan Recreates Famous Trunks Scene in Stop Motion

Future Trunks easily became one of the most popular characters from Dragon Ball Z thanks to his killer attitude and amazing back story, and one fan has managed to create a stunning stop motion animation that shows off one of the son of Vegeta's most elaborate and deadly techniques. When Trunks first appeared in front of Cyborg Freeza following the war on Planet Namek, he wasted little time in not only dispensing an energy attack to keep the tiny despot on his toes, but also unleash a flurry of sword slashes that cut the villain into pieces.

As fans of Dragon Ball know, both Freeza and Trunks returned in the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super, with Trunks returning from a future reality that was being attacked by an insane deity wearing Goku's body like a suit and Freeza returning from the grave. While Future Trunks was relegated mostly to the story line of Goku Black, Freeza first was resurrected thanks in part to his minions bringing together the dragon balls and wishing him back to life. With the alien overlord training more than he ever had in his entire life, he was able to achieve the transformation of Golden Freeza that he still uses to torment the Z Fighters, or act as a shaky ally, throughout the franchise following his return from the dead.

Reddit User ThirstyZealous shared this amazing stop motion animation that recreates the Burning Attack that Trunks delivered in a bid to move Freeza into the right pot where the future son of Vegeta was able to slice the alien warlord in two, before turning him into tiny pieces and blasting away what remained:

I made a frame-by-frame recreation of the Burning Attack gestures from r/dbz

Future Trunks has yet to appear in the Dragon Ball Super series since he helped in defeating both Goku Black and Zamasu earlier in the series, having been returned to a time line that wasn't quite his own but was close enough for both his and Mai's purposes. Whether or not Trunks will appear to help out against Moro is a big question that we'll hopefully see answered sooner rather than later!

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