The Dragon Prince Season 5 Release Window Revealed and It's Soon

The Dragon Prince Season 5 is coming to Netflix sooner than fans may have expected. Wonderstorm has released a new teaser image for The Dragon Prince Season 5, the second season to be titled The Dragon Prince: Mystery of Aaravos, revealing it will debut on Netflix in the summer of 2023. That's less than a year after The Dragon Prince Season 4 came to Netflix, a much shorter wait than the three years that passed between The Dragon Prince Season 3's premiere and The Dragon Prince Season 4's debut, which is in line with what the show's creators, Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz, told in November.

The new teaser shows members of The Dragon Prince's cast, including Rayla, Callum, Ezran, and Soren, standing on the shore gazing out a ship upon the water. It suggests that the party will be taking to the seas in their next season, which may be titled "Book Five: Water." You can see the teaser below.

(Photo: Wonderstorm, Netflix)

The Future of The Dragon Prince

In addition to teasing a shorter wait between seasons, Richmond and Ehasz also touched on the state of The Dragon Prince as a larger franchise spanning television, books, comics, video games, and tabletop games. Richmond and Ehasz have big plans in store, with the first The Dragon Prince video game (codenamed "Project Arcanum" and about to enter its pre-alpha playtesting phase) being the next thing on the horizon.

"Certainly the biggest thing is going to be, there will be game announcements coming relatively soon, and in this period," Ehasz said. "So, that's the biggest thing, part of the franchise expanding and growing that we're ready to bring to The Dragon Prince community soon. Can't give you too much information now, but that will be the thing with the biggest impact coming in the next period."

He continued, "Along with that, our partnerships with Scholastic are going to continue to produce cool stuff. I think we have other board game things happening, and development on some interesting toy and plush things will probably be coming out. We have a lot of partnerships on a lot of fun things, but the game announcement will be the biggest thing in the coming months, hopefully."

The first four seasons of The Dragon Prince are streaming now on Netflix. Look for The Dragon Prince Season 5, continuing The Mystery of Aaravos, to debut streaming on Netflix this summer.