So, There's A Script To Dragonball Evolution's Sequel Out There

If there's one thing Dragon Ball fans do no talk about, it's Dragonball Evolution. The live-action disaster debuted in 2009, and the feature all but solidified Hollywood's awful reputation with all things anime. The movie was panned by critics and fans alike, but the folks behind the Dragon Ball adaptation had hope for the film.

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After all, there is a sequel script floating out there for Dragonball Evolution 2.

Shortly before the film debuted back in 2009, star Justin Chatwin spoke with MTV about his tenure as Goku. It was there the actor said an actual script was completely penned for a second Dragonball Evolution movie.

"I know they've written a second one and it's pretty far out there. The second one really goes to some different places that I've never seen in any comic book adaptation."

MTV revealed Chatwin and co-star Emmy Rossum were told all about the script and eager to give it another shot. As for James Marsters, the Piccolo actor said he'd be glad to return.

"Likewise, Marsters is not only ready for a second chapter, but would like to see the franchise continue indefinitely," MTV explained in its Dragonball Evolution piece. 'A die-hard fan of the anime, Marsters has every intention of fulfilling the arc of Piccolo in live-action."

Of course, fans know Dragonball Evolution never got a chance to explore anything beyond its first outing. The live-action travesty set up room for a sequel after Goku lost track of the Dragon Balls he'd been off collecting, but audiences were adamant Chatwin's character did not ever try to find them again.

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You can read up on the synopsis for Dragonball Evolution below:

"On his 18th birthday, Goku (Justin Chatwin) receives a mystical Dragonball as a gift from his grandfather. There are only six others like it in the whole world, and legend has it that whomever possesses all seven will be granted one perfect wish. When the arrival of a dark force triggers a tragedy, Goku and his companions (Chow Yun-Fat, Emmy Rossum) are propelled into an epic quest to collect the seven Dragonballs and save the Earth from destruction."