Dua Lipa Hypes Up One Piece in This Sizzling Two-Piece

When it comes to chart-topping singers, Dua Lipa is at the top of the game these days, and fans cannot get enough of her catchy tunes. From "Levitating" to "Blow Your Mind", the pop star has become the face of current bops, and every site from TikTok to Tumblr follows Lipa's style. Now, it seems like the anime fandom has leaned into the track as Lipa stepped out in a surprising two-piece on Twitter this week. And yes, it is inspired by One Piece if you look close enough!

As you can see below, Lipa got the fandom buzzing after she put up a slew of photos on Twitter. It was there the singer shared several photos of herself wearing a gorgeous fringe two-piece. The crop top and skirt bares plenty of skin aside from some black fringe. And in the spaces in-between, fans will find tons of beading honoring the Straw Hat crew.

If you zoom in, the two-piece is made up of skull-crossbones logos. Obviously, this imagery is used pretty often as crossbones can signify most pirates. However, this outfit is pretty firm with its nod to One Piece. The logo is taken straight from the anime, and it isn't every day you see a pirate logo like this wearing a red-banded straw hat.

Clearly, Lipa was living for this look, and she paired the anime piece with some wild glitter heels. Of course, fans are now dying to know who made this look, and some innovative cosplayers may try to make a dupe of this outfit. Lipa has a one-of-a-kind piece in her closet, and there are plenty of One Piece fans who'd love to try it on.

Now, if you are surprised by this outfit, there is no need to be. In the past, Lipa has talked about her interest in anime, and she has named Ponyo as one of her favorite titles. Most recently, the singer got the fandom buzzing when they put out their music video for "Levitating". The hit single was given a retro anime music video befitting of Sailor Moon, so this two-piece One Piece outfit is just icing on the cake!


What do you think of this One Piece look? Do you have any anime recommendations for Lipa...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.