EXO Fans Rally Behind Sehun After Concerning Instagram Post

It goes without saying but being an idol is hard. For top stars, they spend much of their lives [...]

It goes without saying but being an idol is hard. For top stars, they spend much of their lives training to debut, but the pressure of fame is often heavier than they expect. For EXO, each of the group's members know how intense stardom can be, and Sehun's latest post on social media got fans worried about how the singer is faring.

Over on Instagram, the SM Town idol posted a mysterious picture that quickly gained attention. Sehun shared an image of some paper with the Korean phrase, "Getting hurt by people. Was forgiven by time," written on it (via SBS). The picture held no caption, but its sobering content pushed EXO and k-pop fans to rally behind the singer.

Fans were not the only ones who took to Sehun's accounts to spam him with love. One of his bandmates commented on the picture to cheer him up. Chanyeol, one of the band's rappers, left a comment on the post telling him to cheer up. Sehun answered with a simple thanks, and fans were happy to see the exchange.

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Naturally, fans were curious what sparked the post, but others assured the fandom at large nothing serious was going on. Netizens were fast to point out the page shared was from a Korean book titled Although Crying Would Not Change Anything. The piece, which is penned by writer Park Jun, is a popular collection of prose poetry.

Hopefully, Sehun is feeling all good these days now that the Golden Disk Awards have wrapped. The event finished in South Korea and featured a length live stage from EXO. The group also won a Bonsang as the event as well as the Genie Music Popularity Award, CeCi Asian Icon Award, and Global Popularity Award.

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