EXO Drops New Holiday Album and ‘Universe’ Music Video

Christmas may have passed, but the k-pop fandom isn’t done celebrating just yet. Today, EXO dropped a brand-new album for the holidays, and fans were given a new music video in honor of the release.

It hasn’t been long since EXO saw their album “Universe” drop online. The holiday bundle rocketed up music charts around the world following its debut, and iTunes is no exception (via Soompi). Right now, “Universe” is topping the service’s World Albums Chart, and iTunes isn’t the only streaming platform reeling. Melon, Genis, Bugs, and Olleh Music all saw “Universe” hit number one after it dropped in South Korea.

If you are still enjoying your winter vacation, then EXO’s new single is just the thing to listen to. The rock ballad is an intimate one, and its focus on EXO’s vocals do not disappoint. The song was co-composed by Shin Hyuk, the man behind the band’s iconic tune “Growl”, so fans know this new single is bound to be a hit. Its lyrics were penned by Yoon Sarah who wrote “Miracles in December” so there is no way this song can go wrong.

The music video itself is also a warm one that will get fans toasty. The demure reel does away with any powerful dancing and strips EXO to its basic. The band is show in close-ups singing before reuniting in faraway group shots. Each of the singers are seen looking solemn as they stir various cups of coffee, but the java isn’t why has them blue. The song is all about a lover’s desire to find their partner even if it means traveling to the end of the universe. So, it is easy to see why the boys of EXO look a bit preoccupied.

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