Fairy Tail Cosplay Brings Juvia Back to the Spotlight

This awesome Fairy Tail cosplay has brought Juvia Lockser back to the spotlight! Hiro Mashima is [...]

This awesome Fairy Tail cosplay has brought Juvia Lockser back to the spotlight! Hiro Mashima is one of the most prominent creators in anime and manga because each and every one of his series are pretty huge hits with fans. Not only does he provide huge fantasy worlds with even huger character rosters, but each character is so unique that fans have come to find their own favorites over the years no matter which series they enjoy. This can be tougher with Fairy Tail, however, as Mashima stacked the series with a ton of memorable heroines that he still shows love to this day.

While Lucy Heartfilia and Erza Scarlet tend to get the most attention among the Fairy Tail roster, one of the most crucial pieces of that guild following her first introduction was Juvia Lockser. She might have come into the series as part of a rival guild, but upon her full integration into the series she has become one of the best in the entire franchise overall. Now artist @kallisi_vamp has provided another argument as to why this is the case with a lovely cosplay highlighting Juvia's more serious side. Check it out below:

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Juvia could be serious when the time called for it, but one of her funniest roles in the series was providing a romantic interest to Gray Fullbuster. It might have been a one sided romance for the majority of the series, but through their fights and adventures together, Gray started to see that Juvia truly was serious about her love for him rather than just use him as someone to blindly worship and chase.

Their romantic duo was one of the more clear by the end of Fairy Tail's run, but their adventures continue in the official sequel to the series, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, so who knows if it will last? This isn't the only new series Hiro Mashima is working on, however, as his newest series, Edens Zero, is currently not only a hit with manga fans but with anime fans alongside its Spring 2021 airing as well.

But what do you think? Where does Juvia rank among your favorite characters in the series? What did you think of her romantic back and forth with Gray? Let us know all of your thoughts on Juvia and the rest of the Fairy Tail world in the comments!