Fairy Tail Cosplay Takes on Lucy's Makeover for Dragon Cry

This awesome Fairy Tail cosplay takes on Lucy Heartfilia's big makeover for the Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry movie! Lucy has undergone a number of major outfit changes throughout the series as creator Hiro Mashima has marked each new arc with some kind of makeover for Lucy and the other members of Fairy Tail involved with the respective battles. This means that Lucy fans have come to have their own favorites from the series overall, and one of the top of many fans' lists is Lucy's big makeover for the second big film in the franchise released before the final season of the anime.

Lucy Heartfilia, like many of the arcs in the series, soon finds herself in quite the curious situation during the events of Dragon Cry. To get out of it, she needs to don a new costume and perform a dance in front of a big crowd. It's a pretty hilarious spotlight for Lucy in the film, but this outfit has been given its proper due through some excellent cosplay! Artist @cosplaykatx brought this theatrical Lucy makeover to life in a magical way on Instagram! Check it out below:

For fans unfamiliar with the film Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is described by Funimation as such, "Enter the Dragon Cry, a magic staff rumored to possess the power to destroy the world. For years it's been safely guarded in the Kingdom of Fiore until Zash, a traitor of Fiore, steals it and delivers it to Animus in the Kingdom of Stella. Now it's up to the gang to infiltrate the Stella Kingdom and retrieve the staff. It seems like it should be an easy job, but what they uncover isn't what they expected."

Fairy Tail's run might have come to an end, but it's far from the last thing series creator Hiro Mashima has been involved with. The prominent creator is busier than ever with not only an official sequel series to Fairy Tail, but a new weekly series running in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine, Edens Zero. This is on top of the video game and other extra projects Mashima is taking on these days.


What did you think of Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry when you first checked it out? Where does this Lucy outfit rank among your favorites in the entire series? Where does Lucy rank among your favorite characters overall? Let us know your thoughts about all things Fairy Tail in the comments!