Family Guy: Patrick Warburton Says His Parents Loathe the Hit TV Series

It turns out Patrick Warburton's parents hate Family Guy and even tried to get it cancelled!

Family Guy is now celebrating its 25th anniversary, and one of the stars behind it all revealed their parents hate the show so much that they once tried to get it cancelled! Family Guy turning 25 years old this year is wild in retrospect given that the series was once cancelled before its third season. The animated sitcom then went on to do very well on Adult Swim through reruns and DVD sales, and thus FOX was inspired to bring the series back for more episodes and has been going ever since. With the animated series ending its 22nd season this Spring, it's come a long way. 

But for even the stars behind it all, some of the perceptions behind it are very much negative. Patrick Warburton, who stars in Family Guy as the voice behind Joe Swanson, revealed during the PaleyFest LA: Family Guy 25th Anniversary Celebration (as detailed by People) this past weekend that his parents, "...hate the show even more today than they did twenty-five years ago." Despite the star noting how he was able to support his parents through the money made from his work on Family Guy, his mother tried to get it cancelled. 

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Patrick Warburton's Parents Hate Family Guy

"My father was in a monastery for three months. He almost became a monk..." Warburton stated as he revealed more about his parents' backgrounds. "My mother [went] around the neighborhood when I was 13 years old passing out pamphlets on the sins of masturbation, [which] did not get me into the cool crowd. So they hate the show." Warburton then revealed that his mother was once trying to get Family Guy cancelled, and was even hoping to have his support on his despite his work on the show. 

"My mother belonged to the American Television Council and they were trying to get the show canceled," Warburton explained. "I was helping support my parents with 'Family Guy' money. She tried to get me to sign the petition [to cancel the show]. I said, 'Mom, if you don't think I'm going to talk about this publicly, this is the greatest irony. You're laundering money, you're laundering it to yourself.' They hate it more today."

If you wanted to check out Family Guy for yourself to see why even one of the stars' parents hate the show, you can stream all 22 seasons of the series with Hulu. 

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