Figure Skater Johnny Weir Performs Yuri!!! On Ice Routine

Yuri!!! On Ice stole the hearts of fans as it quickly took center stage in the anime world. The [...]

Yuri!!! On Ice stole the hearts of fans as it quickly took center stage in the anime world. The sports anime made its debut in 2016, and quickly grabbed the attention of international audience, and took over the internet. The beautiful series with showed figure skating routines in paintaking detail, and romance that overwhelmed anime fans around the world. It seems that Yuri and Victor's relationship not only did the show make an impression on anime fans, as real-life figure skaters have showed their love for the film. Professional figure skater Johnny Weir for example, is proving his love for Yuri!!! On Ice on a whole new level

Johnny Weir is a professional American figure skater, winning medals nationally and internationally, and is also a big fan of Yuri!!! On Ice. In an interview in a visit to Bejing, he was asked all about the show and his thoughts on it. Weir stated, "It's such a good show and there's so much good things from the figure skating world in the show that you wouldn't—if you're just a casual fan—you wouldn't know, but for us, the skaters, you see one storyline and you can see something from your life or your friend's life." Weir has been seen wearing a flower crown in reference to Victor from the show, and recently he even showed off part of a routine on his Instagram (seen below).

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Johnny Weir is seen performing the routine "Agape" from the series. Fans were elated to see a routine from the series performed in real life, especially done by such a big fan. Hopefully this will help keep fans appeased until the announcement of the second season.

Right now, there is no word on whether Yuri on Ice will get a complete second season. The possibility was teased during the anime's first season finale. Given the show's undeniable success, Mappa will likely green-light a new season should its feature film provide the studio with proof of popularity.

Funimation's synopsis for Yuri on Ice can be read below:

"Yuri Katsuki makes his way to the Grand Prix ice skating competition as Japan's top representative with his eyes on the prize. However, instead of celebrating, Yuri walks away defeated and ready to retire for good. But a run-in with champion Viktor Nikiforov and rising star Yuri Plisetsky ignites a new fire within him. With the two of them close by his side, Yuri will take to the ice once more."