Food Wars Season 4 Confirms Crunchyroll Release Date with New Trailer

Food Wars' fourth season is one of the most anticipated returns of the Fall season, and there are going to be even more eyes on it than ever now that the original manga series has come to an end. It's going to be pretty intense upon the anime's return as fans will be put right back into the thick of the Regiments de Cuisine. Soma and Erina, along with a few other rebel chefs, are trying their best to overthrow Erina's father and the rest of Central but will have to go through some pretty skilled chefs in order to do so.

To celebrate the fact that they will be streaming the series upon its release in Japan on October 11th, Crunchyroll has shared a new English subtitled trailer for the fourth season which brings fans up to speed just in time for the second half of the Regiments de Cuisine battles.

Food Wars: The Fourth Plate will rejoin Soma and Erina as they continue to battle against the new Elite Ten. This will challenge Soma even more than he has been in the past, and will see him come face to face with the number one seat once more. He's been thoroughly defeated when taking on chefs with this greater amount of skill, so hopefully his compatriots can help him through here.

Unfortunately, this newest trailer doesn't provide any new footage teasing what's next to come. Much of it is a recap of the third season, and the only new information is provided through bits of text. This has been a bit worrying, admittedly, as there has been a wonder for how the fourth season has been shaping up. There are other details still needing to be cleared up to such as episode order, or if the fourth season will be split into two halves like the third before it.

But with the premiere so close, we'll all find out soon! How do you feel about Food Wars Season 4 thus far? Are you excited to see it play out? Worried? Let us know in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and TV @Valdezology on Twitter!


Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma was originally created by Yuto Tsukuda with illustrations by Shun Saeki for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 2012. The story follows Soma Yukihira, a young chef who one days wants to get good enough at cooking to take over his family diner from his father. But when he graduates from middle school, his father shuts down his diner and tells Soma to enroll into Totsuki Academy, an elite cooking school where only one percent of students who enroll actually graduate.