Fullmetal Alchemist Highlights the Metal Side of Edward Elric

Fullmetal Alchemist's story might be done with both the anime and manga versions of the franchise which follows the Elric brothers' adventures in the world of magic and alchemy, but that isn't stopping fans from reliving the series through a number of fan works as one fan creates cosplay worthy of the pint sized soldier known as Edward Elric. Ed always had a big mouth when it came to folks making fun of his height, but he was able to back up his personality with some serious fire power not just with his alchemy, but metal appendages that came about thanks to a ritual gone wrong.

Edward and Alphonse's "power ups" are a result of a terrifying mistake, wherein the in-experienced boys attempted to bring their mother back to life, instead summoning forth a monster that only somewhat held the appearance of their departed parent. As a result of this experiment gone awry, Alphonse lost his body and his mind was placed into a large suit of armor thanks to some quick thinking on Ed's part, and Edward's arm and leg were lost to boot. As Ed was given new appendages clad in metal, both siblings attempted to travel the world to learn more about the philosopher's stone, which might free Al from his current predicament.

Instagram Cosplayer Cicinettle, with photography by Kenny Letelier, shared this amazing rendition of Edward Elric brandishing his metal appendage that was altered time and time again so that the older sibling could have an upper hand as an agent of the government:


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