'Marvel's Future Avengers' Gives Captain Marvel and The Inhumans Anime Makeovers

Season 2 of Marvel's Future Avengers is bringing us some exciting debuts and Marvel character appearances, and thanks to some new promos, Marvel fans can now get a sense of what Captain Marvel and The Inhumans will look like!

Marvel's Future Avengers - The Inhumans
Marvel's Future Avengers - Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel_2

Captain Marvel is timely character to have appear in the anime series, as she is quickly becoming an international star, thanks to the promotional campaign for the upcoming Captain Marvel trailer, which recently dropped its first trailer, to much fan acclaim and mainstream buzz. On the opposite end of that spectrum is Marvel's Inhumans: the superpowered race was just making its big debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe a year ago, only to see its big IMAX release and much-hyped ABC TV series both flop. While the future of the Inhumans in the MCU is currently uncertain, it's good to see that Black Bolt and the Royal Family is getting some exposure, somewhere.

In addition to Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and The Inhumans, we also got some new Future Avengers season 2 images that give us looks at Ms. Marvel, Modok, and Blizzard. Check out those character images, below!

Marvel's Future Avengers launched its successful first season in the summer of 2017, with season 2 announced at the beginning of 2018. Season 2 launched this summer, and as you can see above, Marvel fans have had all the reason in the world to be excited about how the series will expand its vision of a Marvel anime universe. Season 1 dealt with the main lineup of Avengers from the comics and movies, but clearly season 2 is aiming for a much wider swath of characters. We'll keep you updated about any other familiar faces make an anime appearance.


Synopsis: "The series' main group is Makoto, Adi, Chloe, who has their genes mutated by Hydra,[21] who become part of the Future Avengers, a team learning to fight villains along side the Avengers."