'Gintama' Anime Announces Final Arc Release Date

If you have been sleeping on Gintama, then you have a bit of time left to hop on the anime before it enters its final stage. The popular shonen title is slated to adapt its last manga arc for fans starting next year, and audience just learned when the 'Silver Soul' arc will kick off.

According to Weekly Shonen Jump's latest combined issue, Gintama will debut its final anime arc at the start of 2018 (via ANN). The 'Silver Soul' arc will begin on January 7 and air for an indefinite amount of time. TV Tokyo and its affiliates will air Gintama's new episodes at its usual late-night time.

The new report also confirms Gintama will get new ending and opening themes to commemorate its new arc. DISH// will perform the new opening titled "Katte ni My Soul" while Burnout Syndromes does the ending theme.

Gintama's anime started way back in April 2016 under Sunrise before Bandai Namco Pictures assumed production. The franchise has just over 330 episodes to its name, and Gintama has pushed out a slew of animated films since 2005.

If you are not familiar with Gintama, it is never too late to get acquainted with the franchise. The series debuted in 2004 when Weekly Shonen Jump began serializing Sorachi's manga. The manga is on-going and is one of the most popular series in Japan. In 2006, a full-length anime adaptation of Gintama was created by Sunrise and ran until 2010. A series of other anime series have also aired with the most recent debuting earlier this year.


Gintama follows a young samurai named Gintoki Sakata during Japan's Edo period. However, the historical period is not the one we are familiar with; The story's world has been overrun by aliens called Amanto, and they are not too friendly to Earth's natives. The series follows Gintoki and his friends Shinpachi Shimura and Tae as they do odd jobs to survive. The series is primarily episodic by nature though it has a few well-received story arcs which see Gintoki take on his country's ruling class head-on.

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