Godzilla vs Kong Reveals New Mechagodzilla Posters

One of the worst kept secrets in the latest entry of Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse was the [...]

One of the worst kept secrets in the latest entry of Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse was the inclusion of Mechagodzilla into the war that was taking place between Godzilla and Kong for Titan supremacy, with the director Adam Wingard having shared photos of a figure portraying the new version of the lizard king's doppelganger. With the cat now officially out of the bag, it seems as though Warner Bros has decided to unleash two new posters that show off this new take on Godzilla's metallic doppelganger, who created quite the challenge for the pair of popular kaiju.

The MonsterVerse's future is still up in the air, with no film yet confirmed starring either Godzilla or Kong following the arrival of the kaiju crossover that shattered the world. With Godzilla vs. Kong pulling in bank at the box office, while also bringing in a large swath of new streamers to HBO Max when it landed on March 31st, it's clear that this Legendary Pictures film might be one of the most popular kaiju entries in North America to date. The film gives kaiju fans a "definitive winner" in the battle between the lizard king and the ruler of Skull Island, which could have ramifications in the future of the story of the MonsterVerse.

Twitter Outlet Kaiju News Outlet shared two new posters highlighting the new incarnation of Mechagodzilla, who first appeared in the 1974 film, Godzila vs Mechagodzilla, that has a significant role to play in the latest battle between the giant lizard and primate fighting to see who is the greatest giant monster:

Mechagodzilla, in the film, was created using the remnants of King Ghidorah, who has been demolished by Godzilla in the previous entry of the MonsterVerse, Godzilla: King of the Monsters. With the kaiju corpse seemingly taking over its new mechanical form, the creators of the beast find themselves unable to control the giant monster of their own creation.

Kong did in the past have a mechanical duplicate of his own in MechaniKong, but this metal monstrosity doesn't appear in the latest Legendary Pictures entry.

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