New Gundam Anime Gets TV Run in Japan

Mobile Suit Gundam is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, with a number of different announcements relating to the legendary mech series. From a Youtube channel that houses countless episodes of the different anime series of the franchise to a satellite being planned to launch as part of next year's Summer Olympics, it's definitely been a renaissance period for the franchise. Now, one of the newest Gundam series, Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE, is getting a television run in Japan to follow brand new adventures in a world that mixes the mech suits with the idea of trainers similar to that of Pokemon!

Anime News Network shared the news that beginning on October 12th, Japan will begin playing the latest series in the mech franchise, Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE, which acts as a sequel to the unique Gundam series that incorporates "Gunplas" into an action packed anime world:

As mentioned earlier, Gundam Build Divers focuses on the idea of "gotta collect them all" as "Divers" attempt to become champions of the Gunpla Battle Nexus Online network. With the competitions themselves acting like your standard Gundam fare albeit with a virtual twist, rather than a celestial one such as was the case with the Principality of Zion and the Earth Federation from the battles of yesteryear.

Gunplas themselves have become amazingly successful, having sold over 500 million model figurines across the world during Gundam's long history. With the franchise constantly creating new mech suits thanks to its ability to tell numerous stories across differing series and alternate realities, whatever Gundam you're looking to add to your collection, there will most likely by a figurine that you'll be able to purchase. As of today, there isn't a Gundam Battle Nexus network to compete against others in a virtual life or death struggle, but who knows what the future will bring?

Will you be checking out Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE when it begins airing in later this month? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Gundam!


The official description for Gundam Build Divers, with the main series currently available to watch on both Crunchyroll and Youtube, is as follows:

"Gunpla Battle Nexus Online (GBN) is a new network game that lets people enjoy a variety of missions using Gunpla in a virtual cyberspace dimension. Middle-school students Riku Mikami and Yukio Hidaka recruit their classmate Momoka Yashiro and dive together into this vast world. Becoming "Divers," or inhabitants of GBN, they meet a mysterious girl named Sarah who has an amazing sensitivity to Gunpla. They begin playing alongside her, but..."