Gundam Satellite Ready For Blast Off In Time For 2020 Olympic Games

The Gundam satellite is A-GO! With the announcement earlier this year that a special satellite would be launched into space as part of the 2020 Summer Olympics being held in Tokyo, the space bound technological marvel will have two special Gunplas within as it takes messages from the onlookers on Earth. While the satellite itself won't be fashioned to look like a Mobile Suit itself, it's still amazing to live in an age where Gundam plastic models will be careening through the heavens, permanently solidifying the mech franchise as the biggest in the universe!

Tokyo2020, the Official Twitter Account of the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Game, shared the news that the "G-Satellite" has been completed prior to its launch during next year's Summer Olympics, as well as a nifty video that uses animation to break down its creation:

The satellite itself will pay homage to the first anime series spawned from the Mobile Suit: Gundam franchise, taking two Gunplas aboard in the forms of the original Gundam as well as the antagonist Char's Zaku. Aside from launching these two tiny suits into space, the satellite will also be delivering messages to fans the world over in several different languages. It's truly an amazing statement to show just how big the Mobile Suit: Gundam franchise has become, with its fortieth anniversary ushering in something new other anime franchise has ever attained: real life space travel.

Fans in North America will be able to celebrate the Mobile Suit: Gundam franchise this week as Fathom Events brings the original Gundam movie, Char's Counterattack, into theaters for a one night special event on December 5th!


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Mobile Suit Gundam is one of the most popular franchises in the world, and that popularity is only expected to grow as Sunrise continues to release new projects for the franchise. This includes new anime based in the original Universal Century storyline, which will next see a film trilogy based on the Hathaway's Flash novels, a returning anime for its SD Gundam spin-offs, and even a brand new live-action movie coming to the West co-produced by Legendary, a studio who is currently in the midst of bringing a new take on Toho's Godzilla franchise to the screen.