Halsey Says She Wants to Join Anime Twitter "Full Time"

Anime is having a solid resurgence in the West, and the medium has got fans from every walk of life. From athletes to artists and financial pros, you can find anime fans just about anywhere. And thanks to a recent Twitter post, netizens learned Halsey wishes to become one of them.

Taking to social media, the award-winning artist got everyone buzzing with a simple tweet. The singer posted a message telling her Twitter followers she wants "to quit music and join anime twitter full time."

Of course, the tweet racked up some serious shares given its context. Not only is the anime Twitter sphere one of the most active on the site, but Halsey would be a major addition to the group. After all, it isn't everyday an A-list celebrity shares their desire to become an online otaku, and fans are most certainly going to talk about a star when they do.

Thankfully, Halsey will not have to go it alone if she choose to make a stan account. Michael from Five Seconds of Summer seconded the singer's post shortly after it went up. The musician said he "never related to something more than" Halsey's post, and she suggested the pair make a joint account.


Given how busy these artists are, it is hard to see them making an account together, but fans would welcome such a stan account. The only question remaining is what series Halsey is into. The singer has a noted interest in pop culture franchises like Batman, so fans would definitely recommend My Hero Academia to the singer if she hasn't seen it yet. But as for whether she'll pick Izuku or Shoto as her bias, no one knows. There are other series like Sailor Moon which might pique her interest, but fans will have to keep on guessing until Halsey kiickstarts her own blog. Fingers crossed!

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