'Hunter x Hunter' Announces Special Comeback Exhibit

It has been a few months since Hunter x Hunter released a new chapter, but that will change soon enough. Early next year, Yoshihiro Togashi will resume work on the beloved shonen title, and it seems his return is getting a big celebration in Japan.

Earlier today, the latest issue of V-Jump went live ahead of Jump Festa this weekend. The magazine held plenty of updates on series like Dragon Ball, but Hunter x Hunter managed to sneak in a big announcement. A spread confirmed the series is getting its own special exhibit in Japan later this month.

According to reports, Hunter x Hunter will have its exhibit at the Shingo Mogami Manga Museum in Japan. The event will take place between December 22-25, so you can spend your holidays with Gon and the gang if you’d like. Admission to the exhibit is free, and it is open between 9:00 - 6:00 p.m. local time.

hunter x hunter
(Photo: Shueisha )

The exhibit will come shortly before Hunter x Hunter is set to make its manga comeback. This year, Weekly Shonen Jump confirmed the series would make its return in January 2018. Togashi will have Hunter x Hunter to help him welcome in the new year, and fans are excited to see the manga resume serialization.

In the past, Hunter x Hunter fans grew used to the manga being on hiatus. Hunter x Hunter went on its first hiatus back in August 2014 and was kept shelves until April 2016. The manga stayed around for a couple of months before Togashi entered a new hiatus. The second break ended earlier this June, but it went back on hiatus at the end of August.


If you are not familiar with Hunter x Hunter, then you can definitely get acquainted. The shonen series is one filled with hijinks and thrilling action since it follows a young boy named Gon Freecs who dreams of becoming a Hunter. Determined to pass the challenging Hunter Examination, Gon and his comrades begin their journey to become revered Hunters and cause a ruckus along the way.

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