Jujutsu Kaisen Exhibition Shares First Look Ahead of Season 2

Studio MAPPA has a busy 2023 as it stands, with Attack on Titan, Hell's Paradise, and Vinland Saga remaining some of the studio's heaviest hitters. Perhaps no series is more anticipated than Jujutsu Kaisen however, as season two of the supernatural shonen is planning to arrive this July. To help in prepping anime fans for Yuji Itadori and his friends' return to the small screen, a new exhibit in Japan has given fans a more in-depth look at the long-awaited return of Jujutsu Tech.

Jujustu Kaisen Season 2 will see the return of Yuji Itadori, with the anime protagonist having no role to play in the prequel film, Jujutsu Kaisen 0. Luckily, the Jujustu Kaisen manga has given fans the opportunity to continue following Yuji as he continues his quest to ingest the fingers of Sukuna, his ultimate "frenemy". The upcoming season won't just bring back old favorites, but will also take viewers into the past of the universe that spawned from creator Gege Akutami, showing how Gojo and Geto became bitter enemies. The Jujutsu Kaisen anime debuted in 2020, so fans have been waiting for a little under three years, but if the anime adaptation continues following the manga, it should be worth the wait.

Jujustu Kaisen Season 2 First Look

As was hinted at during the prequel film Jujutsu Kaisen 0, it's clear that Gojo and the villainous Suguro Geto have a bit of history. In the finale of the movie, however, Gojo apparently kills his former friend, leaving many to wonder how the antagonist looking to eliminate all those without cursed energy was able to bounce back. While the Jujust Kaisen Exhibit in Japan doesn't drop any hints about the villain's resurrection, it does have plenty of tidbits for anime fans:

Creator Gege Akutami has hinted at the fact that Jujutsu Kaisen's end is near, having stated previously that Yuji and company might have around one year left of stories before bringing their story to a close. Despite this fact, the anime still has plenty of ground to cover when it comes to adapting the manga, so more seasons and/or movies could definitely be on the way. With the success of the anime television series and the movie becoming a top anime film at the box office, the students of Jujutsu Tech have a bright future ahead of them in more ways than one.