A 'Jump Force' Anime Could Be The Answer To Marvel's X-Force

It wasn't long ago that the world learned about Jump Force, and the anime fandom has yet to calm down. Taking to E3, the surprise title went live during Microsoft's panel as Bandai Namco shared its next anime title with the world. The crossover title will bring heroes like Goku and Naruto onto one team, but the fandom wants more.

You know, maybe something like an anime series that could give Deadpool a run for his money.

Shortly after Jump Force put out its premiere trailer, anime fans came out to ask whether an anime adaptation could come down the line. At E3, ComicBook's Tanner Dedmon spoke with a Bandai Namco rep about the possibility, and this is what we learned:

"We'll be working with the licensers of Shonen Jump and Viz and all those kinds of companies to make this a big celebration of the 50th year anniversary of the magazine. So expect things to be happening throughout the year and throughout the campaign."

For now, there's no official word on whether Jump Force will get an anime or even manga one-shot, but the idea has got fans thinking. While crossovers have been done in anime before, having a team of shonen heroes unite under the name Jump Force has comic lovers thinking to another iconic team — one that has way more Deadpool attached.

Yes, the X-Force is who we are talking about here. Back in April 1991, Rob Liefeld created the mutant team before the gang got their own series. Led by Cable to start, the X-Force is known as a darker version of the X-Men as their militant action differs from Professor X's gentler school of thought. Their aggressive nature is well-known in the comic fandom, and movie goers got their first taste of the X-Force when Deadpool 2 gave some of its members a very tentative debut. So far, the idea has sat well with fans, and there's little reason an anime take on Jump Force could not do the same.

Sure, Monkey D. Luffy might not be as volatile at Marvel's mouthy merc, but his shonen squad could do some serious damage. If an anime could filter through the licensing debacles tied into such a crossover, the special series would be a sure-fire hit. So, the only big question now is whether or not Nico Robin will step in for Domino.


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