Viz Media Announces New Junji Ito Collection For North America

The master of horror, Junji Ito, is hitting the news more often than not as the adaptation of his classic spooky story of Uzumaki is heading toward Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, but it seems as though Viz Media is looking to get in on the horror action with a brand new Ito collection hitting North America. The collection itself, titled Lovesickness, will arrive in 2021 and collects spine tingling tales that revolve around crushes and obsessions gone horrible awry, as the world of love and the supernatural clash in only a way that Ito can portray.

Junji Ito has created more stories set within the horror medium than we can count, having the amazing ability to blend the mundane with the impossible to understand, galactic horror that one would expect to see in an HP Lovecraft story. While Uzumaki will be on a number of fans' minds thanks in part to the upcoming anime adaptation set for release from Production IG and Cartoon Network, there is still a treasure trove of stories that Junji Ito has created over the years that would easily work as anime adaptations themselves. With an anime feature length film being given to the fish stomping story known as Gyo and a Hollywood adaptation in the works for Ito's Tomie, the future looks bright for these dark stories.

Viz Media announced the upcoming Junji Ito Collection, looking to be released in the spring of next year 2021, that will focus on Ito's unique takes and stories that focus on the supernatural meeting the world of love in this anthology series of Lovesickness:

Uzumaki, the upcoming anime landing on Adult Swim, focuses on a small village that is dealing with quite the unorthodox curse: an obsession with spirals. With the spirals themselves manifesting in some absolutely bizarre and terrifying ways, no one is safe from the devastating effects of this supernatural terror. While Ito's first anime anthology series, The Junji Ito Collection, was received with mixed reviews, fans are blown away by what they've seen from the upcoming Uzumaki series so far!


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