Kevin Smith Shares New Details About Netflix's Masters of the Universe Anime

One of the more surprising announcements this year was that Netflix was producing a new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe anime series continuing from the events of the original animated series, and even more surprising, it was confirmed that Kevin Smith will be acting as showrunner for the new sequel series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Some details were revealed for the production behind the new series, but Smith broke fans' hearts after noting that we probably won't get a concrete look at the new anime series for quite some time.

But with that unfortunate news came a few other details about what fans can expect to see in the new anime series as Smith teased that his long time screen partner Jason Mewes will most likely have a voice role in the series, and even name-dropping the wizard Orko in the process.

When asked a question about when we might see some of the series, Smith had both good and bad news, "I'm sure [Jason Mewes] will end up being a voice in. He ain't gonna be Orco. I'll tell you that right now, but I can get him in there somewhere. He seems like a Stinkor to me...But in any event, when will you see art? Probably not for a while. Don't count on at least for six months but I've seen stuff and it's amazing."

The wait for a first full look at the new anime series seems like a bummer, but the timeline does make sense. Considering the series was just announced earlier this Summer with an ominous poster, it's probably going to take a little bit for all of it to come together. Smith's comments allude to the fact that casting may still be underway, but at least fans can expect to see their favorites from the original series -- something that was teased by the series' synopsis.


Netflix's Masters of the Universe: Revelation is officially described as such, "A radical return to Eternia, Revelation is a direct sequel series to the classic era of Masters of the Universe. Featuring fan favorites He-Man, Orko, Cringer, and Man-At-Arms, the story pits our heroic warriors and guardians of Castle Grayskull against Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Beast Man and the vile legions of Snake Mountain! But after a ferocious final battle forever fractures Eternia, it's up to Teela to solve the myster of the missing Sword of Power in a race against time to prevent the end of the Universe! Her journey will uncover the secrets of Grayskull at last. This is the epic He-Man and the Master of the Universe saga fans have waited 35 years to see!"

The series is being produced by Mattel Television with Rob David, VP of Mattel TV and author of He-Man: the Eternity War, serving as an executive producer on the series. Smith will serve as showrunner and executive producer, and feature Eric Carrasco (Supergirl), Tim Sheridan (Reign of the Supermen), Diya Mishra (Magic the Gathering) and Marc Bernardin (Alphas) as writers. The series will be animated by Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind the new Castlevania series and Viz Media's Seis Manos, too.