Killing Stalking Volume 1 Has Landed Stateside

Brace yourselves, alright? The time has come for one of Lezhin's most popular titles to take on U.S. readers. After all, the first volume of Killing Stalking has been done up in English, and you can buy the popular albeit controversial series right now.

Retailers like Barnes and Noble are now carrying Killing Stalking if you care to check it out. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manhwa for U.S. readers a while ago. Now, the hit BL horror has gone live, and it is taking over social media thanks to its wild story.

Obviously, we'll steer clear of spoilers here, but let it be known this manhwa is intense. It is definitely intended for mature readers only, and that is because of its sexual content and unflinching violence. The name Killing Stalking lays it all out there, so don't say you have not been warned!

For those curious about the webtoon, it was published by Koogi in 2016 and ran for three years. The story follows a man called Yoon Bum who grapples with mental illness and an obsession with Oh Sangwoo, a man who saved him from being raped years ago. As his obsession turns to stalking, Yoon breaks into Sangwoo's home and discovers a chilling truth. His savior is secretly a serial killer, and Sangwoo targets Yoon as his next victim. After breaking the man's ankles, Sangwoo ropes Yoon into a wildly toxic and turbulent relationship that explores the reality of Stockholm syndrome.

Clearly, this webtoon is not a light read, but its take on psychological horror is second to none. You can pick up the first volume of Killing Stalking now if that is your thing. And if you can't stomach horror, we suggest you keep this title off your to-read list!

Do you plan on adding this volume to your collection? Or is Killing Stalking not to your taste? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.