"Kingdom" Live Action Anime Adaptation Arrives In US Theaters This Summer

Funimation Productions isn't just the House of Dragon Ball, it has brought numerous animes and live action adaptations of animes to the states. This summer, Funimation will once again bring a new endeavor to audiences here in the US with the release of the live action film, Kingdom. Kingdom is one of the most popular seinen series so even if you're unfamiliar with it, this live action film may be worth your time.

The live action film originally released in Japan on April 19th and has so far grossed $31 Million USD so far outside of the United States. The series itself focuses on a tale of orphans and war, with the main character hoping to achieve his dream of becoming a great general. Funimation Productions is excited to bring this live action feature film to both the US and Canada with Michael Berger, Vice President of Sales and Distribution for Funimation, had this to say:

"We're thrilled to bring this incredible adaptation of 'Kingdom' by director Shinsuke Sato to the U.S. and Canada this summer. This film is a truly epic and sets a new bar for anime and manga live-action adaptations on the same scale as a major Hollywood production. Audiences everywhere will be wowed by 'Kingdom.'"

kingdom movie

Live action adaptations of anime have been on the rise as of late, with the most noteworthy of course being Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, but it's great to see that more and more anime series are being adapted in a similar fashion. Attack On Titan, Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin, and a slew of other properties are just a few examples of franchises that have received live action adaptations in the past few years. Some have certainly been more well received than others (I'm looking at you Dragon Ball Evolution!) While the exact date of release in the US and Canada isn't known, follow us here at Comicbook.com for updates.

Not familiar with Kingdom? Here's the breakdown for you: The series was created by Yasuhira Hara and is still on-going. The story is set in China during the Warring States period and follows two orphans named Ri Shin and Hyou. When the latter dies, Shin finds himself involved in a conspiracy which allows him to join the army. Shin dreams of becoming the world's greatest general, and the hero tries to do so by helping Ei Sei of Quin unify China before its internal conflicts split it apart. Hara's series first debuted in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump in 2006. The series was adapted into an anime series that ran for two seasons from 2013 to 2014, and has been adapted for an English language release by Funimation.


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