Hideo Kojima Wants to Make an Anime and Manga Series

It has been a busy year for Kojima Productions. In the last twelve months, all eyes were on the game studio in preparation for Death Stranding. Now, the game has gone on to become a bestseller and award-winning title for Hideo Kojima. Still, the legendary developer has more stories to tell, and it turns out Kojima isn't opposed to exploring his ideas through an anime or manga.

Recently, Dualshockers translated an interview which Kojima did with Famitsu in Japan. It was there the creator spoke with Yoji Shinkawa about Death Stranding, but they segued into anime before too long.

According to the translation, Kojima Productions is very interested in pursuing smaller projects in comparison to something like Death Stranding. For instance, a manga would be nice, and Kojima said the story could then be adapted into an anime. Shinkawa and he have sat on a manga pitch for some time now, and Kojima would love to see his friend's mech artwork put on the small screen.

Of course, it is little surprise Kojima loves anime. In the past, the game creator has spoken at length about his love for Mobile Suit Gundam as well as Space Battleship Yamato.

"Watched Mobile Suit Gundam The Movie Trilogy. I've seen the tv series 40 few years ago when I was in high school but rewatching the movie trilogy reconfirms me that it's beyond just the robot-anime, rather a masterpiece of war movie. I grew up w/ [Space Battleship Yamato] but Gundam is my treasure too," Kojima shared on Twitter earlier this month.


"Feds & Zion, soldier & civilian, old & new ppl, it catches war in various perspectives.There's conflict & exhaustion, love & lost, it sincerely depicts those who changes thru the war field w/o raising the voice for justice/moral. Yamato plays the love in the war field, Gundam sings the sorrow."

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