Kyoto Animation to Mark Arson Attack's Anniversary with Special Memorial Video

Kyoto Animation has had a difficult year, and it takes little research to see why. The famed studio suffered dearly when a man set fire to its main studio last July. In a matter of days, the arson's first anniversary will come around, and Kyoto Animation plans to honor those who died in the attack with a memorial video.

Earlier last week, the company confirmed its plans to stream a special memorial film on its YouTube channel as a way to acknowledge those who died. The video will stream on July 18 at 10:30 am JST. The clip will be available to watch for the remainder of the day, and fans expect the video to showcase work done by those who died in the attack.

Currently, there is no public memorial planned for the arson, and that is due to the ongoing pandemic. Kyoto Animation intended to hold an official event but has since canceled them due to the spread of COVID-19. In fact, the company has asked the public to not visit the site of the arson for the sake of public safety.


Of course, you can see why fans had hoped to attend a memorial. The shocking attack on Kyoto Animation took the world by surprise, and anime fans were stunned by the arson. 36 employees were killed during the attack while another 33 were injured. In the year since the attack, Kyoto Animation has struggled to get back on its feet, but it fully intends to make a strong comeback. It was not long ago the suspect accused of setting fire to Kyoto Animation was formally arrested, so fans hope justice is served soon for both the victims and their loved ones.

Will you be showing your support to Kyoto Animation amidst this difficult anniversary? Let me know in the comments below.