Kyoto Animation to Demolish Studio 1 Remains Following Arson Attack

It may be hard to believe, but four months have passed since Kyoto Animation faced a truly unspeakable loss. The beloved studio was targeted by an arsonist who set fire to Kyoto Animation's Studio 1. Since the attack, the company's survivors have been trying to find normalcy once more, and it seems Kyoto Animation is planning to move on in a very definitive way.

Over on Twitter, fans began to share a report which originated from Japan. The publication Kyoto confirmed the remains of Studio 1 have been approved for demolition by Kyoto Animation and the province.

According to the details, the building will be demolished starting on November 25. There is no timeline for how long the job will take, but the building will be completely torn down. The demolition crew had a meeting with residents neighboring the building to talk about the ordeal and to receive final approvals.

As reported, the CEO of Kyoto Animation said it was necessary to take down Studio 1 entirely. "It really hurts when I see our precious building like that," Hideaki Hatta said.


For now, there are no plans for the lot once the building has been demolished. In the past, the CEO of Kyoto Animation it would be nice to build a memorial garden where the studio stood. The arson claimed 36 lives with dozens more injured. More than 70% of the studio's staff was impacted by the fire with many of those who survived requiring recovery time of their own to process the senseless tragedy.

As for the suspect, the middle-aged man is still being treated in the hospital for his own injuries. The man has yet to be formally arrested given his medical condition, but the investigation will proceed once he is cleared by doctors. According to current reports, the suspect was found near Studio 1 after the fire began with severe burns. He told police he attacked Kyoto Animation as they stole his novel which drummed up discussion of crime and mental health resources yet again.

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