The Ancient Magus' Bride Is Going on Hiatus

It seems another popular manga series is going on hiatus. Not long ago, the official pages behind The Ancient Magus' Bride as well as Ghost and Witch shared the news with readers. Both of the titles are going on hiatus, and for now, neither series has a return window in mind.

The update comes from Kore Yamazaki as the creator oversees both manga titles. According to the report, The Ancient Magus' Bride will kickstart its hiatus with the end of its College arc. Yamazaki says the next story coming for The Ancient Magus' Bride is its Beast arc, so fans will have to wait patiently for this new saga to begin.

As for Ghost and Switch, the manga began online in late 2021. Its first volume hit shelves this past week in Japan. Individual chapters of Yamazaki's manga can be read online through Manga Doa, but they do not have official English translations presently.

At this time, Yamazaki has not shared the reasoning behind this joint hiatus, but readers are wishing the creator the best. In the meantime, The Ancient Magus' Bride will keep fans busy with its anime once April rolls around. Studio Kafka will release season 2 of The Ancient Magus' Bride in a matter of weeks, after all. This comeback is a long one coming as season 1 was released in October 2017. A slew of original OVAs have been released since then, but now, a full-blown season of The Ancient Magus' Bride is around the corner.

Hopefully, Yamazaki will be able to relax while The Ancient Magus' Bride keeps fans hooked on its anime. The career of a mangaka is demanding, and the fandom is becoming more protective of creators by the week. Beloved artists like Yoshihiro Togashi (Hunter x Hunter) have shown how harmful it can be making manga given the career's demanding workload. Recently, fans have rallied behind artists like My Hero Academia's Kohei Horikoshi in light of their recent breaks, and netizens are growing more eager by the day for creators to prioritize their health. 

Want to know more about Yamazaki's dark fantasy? You can read the official synopsis of The Ancient Magus' Bridge here: "Enter the Magician's Apprentice Her name is Chise Hatori, a penniless orphan troubled by visions. Sold as a slave to an inhuman mage, she is about to begin a strange new life, filled with magic, fairies, and other beings of a fantastical nature."

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