McDonald's x The Devil Is a Part-Timer Has Left the Anime's Creator Stunned

The creator of The Devil is a Part-Timer is still in disbelief about its McDonald's collaboration.

When people say anime is bigger than ever, they aren't kidding. From originals on Netflix to Disney+ productions, some of the biggest names in Hollywood are testing out anime. From merch deals to home goods, anime is everywhere including McDonald's these days. After all, the fast food chain has partnered with The Devil is a Part-Timer, and no one is more stunned than the anime's creator.

If you aren't familiar with the big campaign, McDonald's just kickstarted a promo referencing its Hollywood history. From films to TV shows and music video, McDonald's has appeared in it all, and that includes anime. In Japan, the restaurant chain is often seen in anime series as WacDonald's just like in The Devil is a Part-Timer.

The parody restaurant is a huge part of the anime, so McDonald's asked to collab with The Devil is a Part-Timer on its new campaign. This means you can find the anime's protagonists in restaurants across the United States, and the creator of The Devil is a Part-Timer is still in disbelief about the promo.

"Hataraku Maou-sama has appeared in an original McDonald's commercial. When the person in charge contacted me about the collaboration, I was so surprised that I read the email three times... For my work to appear alongside big titles of foreign movies I've been watching since I was a child is mind-blowing, it's like a wonderful dream. Eat McDonald's," the artist Oniku shared on Twitter.

As you can imagine, Oniku brought The Devil is a Part-Timer to life without any thought it would nab McDonald's attention, but here we are. The hit anime has reached the big leagues, and the timing is just too perfect. After all, the comedy was gifted a season two recently after nearly a decade of waiting, so McDonald's could not have planned this promo any better. 

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