My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Sets Up New Kryptonian

My Adventures with Superman is setting up a new Kryptonian debut in Season 2!

My Adventures with Superman Season 2 is now in the works, and the first look at the upcoming season is setting up for the debut of a new Kryptonian! My Adventures with Superman's first season was a massive hit with Adult Swim when it premiered last year, so it was no surprise to find out that not only would the series be returning for a second season but that production on that new season was already underway. Season 2 of the animated series has yet to reveal a release date for its return to screens, but it's got some big plans. 

Adult Swim has released the first look at My Adventures with Superman Season 2, and with it dropped an ominous tease for the future. Showcasing Clark visiting the Fortress of Solitude once more, he's told that there is another while a glitch seems to tease another Kryptonian brandishing an S chest logo of their own amidst a transformation. While there's no clear look at who this new addition could be, there's a good chance that this is potentially My Adventures with Superman's version of Kara Zor-El, otherwise known as Supergirl. 

What to Know for My Adventures with Superman Season 2

Supergirl would be a welcome addition to the series considering fans have already been introduced to numerous new iterations of many other characters from DC Comics' Superman lore. But it's not a guarantee that if this is Supergirl that she'll be an ally right from the bat. But thankfully, there's plenty of time to catch up with everything that happened in the first season before My Adventures with Superman returns for Season 2 in the near future. Starring Jack Quaid as Clark Kent, Alice Lee as Lois Lane, and Ishmel Sahid as Jimmy Olsen, you can check out My Adventures with Superman streaming on Max.

Adult Swim teases My Adventures with Superman Season 1 as such, "My Adventures with Superman is a serialized coming-of-age story catching up with twenty-somethings Clark Kent, the bright and driven Lois Lane, and their best friend Jimmy Olsen as they begin to discover who they are and everything they can accomplish together as an investigative reporting team at the Daily Planet. The story follows Clark as he builds his secret identity as Superman and explores his own mysterious origins. Lois, on her way to becoming a star reporter, teams up with photographer Jimmy Olsen to break the stories that matter. All the while, Clark and Lois are falling in love… as Lois gets closer and closer to uncovering his secret identity! Our trio share adventures, take down bad guys, stumble over secrets, and discover what it means to be heroes in their own right."