My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Shares First Clip

My Adventures with Superman began on Adult Swim in 2023.

Superman has been in the superhero game for decades, and Adult Swim has a series under thumb that envisions the hero like never before. Back in 2023, My Adventures with Superman debuted to critical acclaim, and the anime-inspired series has been a hit since episode one. Now, all eyes are on its second season, and Adult Swim just posted a first look at My Adventures with Superman season two.

As you can see below, the clip is pretty intense as we see Clark Kent, who was born as Kal-El on Krypton, encountering a mirage from the past. Face to face with his father, Clark is told to get and start working as there is another like him. When the mirage fades, Clark is left staring up at a big alien craft just as it comes crashing to Earth.

This first look at season two is certainly short, but it gives us an idea of what My Adventures with Superman is doing. Clark has been told there is another like him, and the revelation is paired with Kryptonian images. Of course, fans are hyped because the promise of another Krypton refugee is huge. It could mean that Kara (Supergirl) is on the way, or General Zod is about to make life miserable for Clark.

So far, My Adventures with Superman has yet to lock in a season two release date, but the project is being worked on behind the scenes. In the meantime, new fans can check out season two now that it is out in full. My Adventures with Superman is streaming on Max, and there is even a comic compliment on shelves nowadays. So for more info on the series, you can read the official synopsis of My Adventures with Superman below:

"Clark Kent builds his secret Superman identity and embraces his role as the hero of Metropolis, while sharing adventures and falling in love with Lois, a star investigative journalist, who also takes Jimmy Olsen under her wing."

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