'My Hero Academia' Reveals All Might's Mentor

The most recent episode of My Hero Academia, "One for All," was memorable for a number of reasons, not least among them that it revealed the hero who trained All Might and passed One for All onto him, enabling him to become the world's symbol of peace.

SPOILERS for My Hero Academia, "One for All," follow.

"One for All" picks up where the last episode of My Hero Academia left off, with All Might and All for One locked in combat and All Might's strength running out. As his power dwindles, All Might thinks back on his mentor.


His mentor was Nana Shimura. Her hero name was not revealed, but she was the seventh wielder of the One for All quirk. Whether she had a quirk of her own before inheriting One for All is also unknown, but she saw something special in the quirkless boy Toshinori Yagi and chose him to inherit One for All as her successor.

A flashback shows Nana discussing Toshinori with Gran Torino. Her exact relationship to Torino is unclear, but they both played some role in making All Might the greatest hero in the world.

In his moment of need, All Might remembers Nana telling him that when the moment came that he was ready to give up that he should remember his own origin story and the reason that he became a hero in the first place and find the strength within himself to keep going. That's exactly what All Might does and he manages to defeat All for One one more time before the spark of One for All goes out inside of him for good.

Considering how Nana saw the potential in Toshinori even though he was only a quirkless boy it's no wonder that All Might was able to see the same heroic spark within the quirkless Izuku Midoriya as well.

It is unclear what became of Nana, at least from the anime alone, but All for One revealed that she left a legacy behind. According to the villain, his apprentice, the leader of the League of Villains, Shigaraki, is actually Nana's grandson.


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