My Hero Academia Walks Back All Might's Most Controversial Call

My Hero Academia's final arc has seen one of All Might's earliest statements in the series "walked back".

The final arc of My Hero Academia's manga is in full swing, and at a surprising moment, All Might has entered the battlefield. Toshinori Yagi might not have the full power of One For All at his disposal, but he has figured out how best to face off once again against his arch-rival All For One. With the villain never being stronger than he is right now, All Might's entry into the final arc has allowed for a major "walk back" with one of his earliest statements in the shonen series.

Warning. If you haven't kept up to date with My Hero Academia's manga, be forewarned that we'll be diving into spoiler territory that has yet to hit the anime adaptation. When Deku first met All Might in the first chapters of My Hero Academia's history, Toshinori Yagi revealed his identity to the young would-be hero. Choosing Midoriya to be the one to inherit the power of One For All next, Yagi made a surprising statement at the time. In talking with Deku, Toshinori said the following, "A professional should always be ready to risk his life. Without power, can one become a hero? No, I should think not." 

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My Hero Academia: All Might's Strength is His Heart

When All Might lost the majority of his power with One For All while fighting All For One in their previous battle, he stepped down as the Symbol of Peace and lost his place as the number one hero in Hero Society. Despite this face, Toshinori has done what he could from the sidelines in training the next generation of heroes to fight evil. With the latest chapter of the manga, we have seen All Might brandishing a suit of armor that isn't meant to defeat All For One, but give the heroes the time they need to claim victory.

While characters like Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki have Quirks that give them some serious power, but its in the characters of Class 1-A that they've been able to truly shine in recent days. My Hero Academia's final arc has pushed all the crime fighters to their limit, but even if they lose their lives, they've helped to pull Hero Society back from the brink and inspire some serious hope.

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