My Hero Academia Previews Episode 93 with First Stills

In a matter of days, the next episode of My Hero Academia will be going live, and fans are understandably hyped for the event. After all, season five has been a huge hit so far, and this upcoming episode promises to dive into a new battle. Now, fans can get an idea of what's coming thanks to some new stills, and it seems some fan-favorite heroes will be suiting up in episode 93.

Not long ago, the official webpage for My Hero Academia shared a slew of stills from its next episode. It was there fans got a look at some familiar faces, and it seems Momo will be suiting up with Yuga and Toru for their own training mission.

As you can see above, some of the stills focus on Class 1-A as Momo can be seen in her winter outfit. As for Yuga and Toru, the pair looks the same as usual, and manga readers will know who else is in their group. The trio will also welcome Fumikage to the team, so Dark Shadow is about to let loose! This is an interesting squad of heroes, and Aizawa put these four together for a reason. They don't have tons of direct teamwork as a singular group, so Momo will be hard-pressed to come up with plans on the fly for her team this time.

As for Class 1-B, the group features two familiar faces with Kendo and Kimori. The pair are easy to remember given their roles and designs, but the other two additions are new. Manga Fukidashi will join the team along with Shihai Kuroiro, so My Hero Academia fans will have fun seeing their quirks in real-time.

If you are not caught up with My Hero Academia right now, you can find all of its seasons through Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. Season five releases episodes weekly, and the dub is ongoing at Funimation as well. The manga is also available to fans stateside as Viz Media has the manga in its entirety online through the Shonen Jump vault. Print trades can also be found in stores and through online retailers like Amazon.


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