My Hero Academia Spin-Off Puts Spotlight on a Certain Movie Character

When it comes to My Hero Academia, there are well over a hundred characters fans must keep up with. From the students at UA Academy to the League of Villains and more, creator Kohei Horikoshi has no shortage with ideas. In fact, the artist has even tackled stories for the big screen, and a recent manga spin-off brought back a favorite heroine from My Hero Academia's first movie.

Yes, that is right! Melissa Shield is back in action, and fans are excited to see her. The heroine is stepping into the spotlight for real these days thanks to My Hero Academia: Team Up Mission, and she has been paired with the perfect partner on a new mission.

Recently, Team Up Mission put out a new chapter, and the spin-off decided to hone in on Melissa and Mei Hatsume from the Support Course. Fans will remember the latter as she popped up in season two during the Sports Festival. Mei has an obsession with top-tier Support items, and she will stop at nothing to honor her babies. So when she meets Melissa, you can imagine how the two butt heads over their self-made items.

According to summaries of the chapter, Melissa and Mei get competitive when they are asked to make the best support item. The two have too see who can make the best, and the judge who will choose the best tech is none other than Izuku. The boy will have to use the items in a mock fight, so the girls go all out to impress their friend.

Of course, the return of Melissa is wonderful for fans and proves the girl was not a one-off hero. She still dreams of making the best support gear out there, and she is happy to see Uncle All Might during her trip. In fact, she even becomes friends with Mei despite their rivalry, and fans are left feeling soft over the pair. After all, there's nothing better than seeing girls support one another, and that is exactly what these heroines do.


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